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We are the AAPC Richmond Virginia Chapter.

Our chapter exists to help accomplish the purpose and mission of the AAPC national organization.

All AAPC members belong to a local chapter and are entitled to attend local chapter meetings to obtain low-cost or free CEUs, network with peers, learn of jobs or advertise job openings, and promote the health care industry locally.

AAPC local chapters also provide facilities and proctors for AAPC exams, enabling exams to be taken almost anywhere in the country.

Come join us and the other RVA professionals for one of our FREE monthly meetings where you can earn up to 2 CEUs a month. We also offer regular CPC and other exam rapid review classes, seminars, and an annual day long event.

AAPC Code of Ethics

It shall be the responsibility of every AAPC member, as a condition of continued membership, to conduct themselves in all professional activities in a manner consistent with ALL of the following ethical principles of professional conduct:



Adherence to these ethical standards assists in assuring public confidence in the integrity and professionalism of AAPC members. Failure to conform professional conduct to these ethical standards, as determined by AAPC's Ethics Committee, may result in the loss of membership with AAPC.

AAPC and its Ethics Committee does not function as a judiciary body. Any complaint to AAPC should have a foundation in law (for example, someone has been found guilty of fraud or has been placed on the Medicare Exclusion List or a foundation in AAPC administrative rules (for example, counterfeit CEUs or a member using credentials falsely).

AAPC RVA Chapter Mission Statement

To support and encourage the advancement of healthcare professionals in the Richmond Virginia community through networking opportunities and educational resources in accordance with the AAPC’s mission and goals.

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